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Tibet – Journey across a forbidden country

January 30, 2008

January 29th, 2008, ZDF, 20:15 h
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Press release from: Tibet – Journey across a forbidden country

(openPR) - The film music to the ZDF two-part travel documentary "TIBET
- Reise durch ein verbotenes Land" (german title)

The film music to the current ZDF two-part documentary “Tibet – Journey
across a forbidden country” comes from the quill of the two composers
Tobias Bösel and Siegfried Rolletter. The film was created according to
the original diaries of the two Austrians Heinrich Harrer and Peter
Aufschnaiter. The notes have remained undiscovered in the basement of
the Swiss museum of ethnology in Zurich for the past decades.
Impressions, which the ZDF was the first to ban on film and which draw
an impressive image of a Tibet of yesterday and today. The adventurous
documentary is broadcast on Tuesday night at prime time: 8.15 pm from
the 29.01.2008.

Bösel and Rolletter present original Tibetan instruments with the
one-of-a-kind shots of this travel documentary such as the Rag Dun- and
the Dungchen-horn, the Tam Tam Besar-cymbal and a resonating bowl, just
to name a few of the far-eastern instruments. The song of Tibetan monks
can also discreetly be heard occasionally and thus gives more strength
to the instruments according to the images.

Chinese plucked instruments such as the Zheng harp, flutes and Chinese
gongs alternate. This way, the strong Chinese influence on Tibet is
reflected in the music. The Tibetan-Chinese local colouring becomes part
of an orchestral film music with clear melody and dynamic flow which
reminds of grand cinema movies.
The composition is split into a “Tibet-motive”, which describes the
beauty of this breathtaking landscape and an “adventure-motive”, which
stands for Heinrich Harrer and Peter Aufschnaiter’s flight across Tibet.
Both motives find variation for documentary scenes and exciting

Besides the dynamic orchestral music, we can listen to calm variations
of the main theme, played economically with single instruments. For the
documentary shots in the big cities modern music was produced.

This year, the Olympic Games will take place in China. The country
presents itself as open, capitalist and hospitable. Foreigners are
welcome. A country, which has made an enormous economical and societal
development. Almost 60 years after the invasion of Tibet by China, Tibet
is still a forbidden country. The complete disregard of Tibetan human
rights, the ruthless destruction and the hostile attitude of the Chinese
could not break the deeply rooted religiosity of the Tibetans. On the
tracks of “7 years in Tibet”, in which Brad Pitt starred, the film looks
into the past and the future and hopes that everything will turn out
well after all.

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