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China reports major gold discovery in Qinghai

October 13, 2009

Tibetan Review
October 12, 2009

China said Oct 10 that it had discovered in
Qinghai Province -- made up of most of the
traditional Tibetan province of Amdo and a
portion of Kham Province -- a nationally major
gold mine likely to be worth more than 300 tons of the precious metal.

After many years of prospecting, Qinghai
Province's Bureau of Geology and Mineral
Resources has discovered 106 confirmed gold ore
bodies and a particularly large amount of
indicated gold resources in a gold mine in
Dachang, which is located in Maduo (Tibetan:
Matoe) Township of Qumarleb (Tibetan: Chumarleb)
County, Yushu Prefecture, reported the People’s
Daily online, mouthpiece of the Communist Party of China, Oct 10.

With some gold anomalies in the mine being yet to
be evaluated and the exploration of the depth of
the discovered ore body still to reach its end,
the long-term amount of gold resources is
expected to exceed 300 tons, turning Dachang into
a major gold resources development base in China, the report said.

The Dachang mine itself was discovered in 1996.
The report said the provincial geology and
minerals bureau was planning to complete the
prospecting work on the main gold area by the end
of 2009 and enter into the development phase next year.
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