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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."

China Angered by Indian PM Visit to Disputed Border State

October 14, 2009

TransWorldNews (TNS)
October 13, 2009

Atlanta, Ga. -- China has expressed anger at a decision by Indian
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to visit the disputed border state of
Arunachal Pradesh, saying the move ignored Beijing concerns and could
cause serious problems in fostering a healthy relationship between
the two countries.

China and India have been at odds over Arunachal Pradesh since the
two sides fought a brief war in 1962 and despite several rounds of
talks concerning the area they have failed to reach an agreement on
the border state.

In a statement posted on its web site the Chinese foreign ministry
remarked, "We demand the Indian side address China's serious concerns
and not trigger disturbances in the disputed region so as to
facilitate the healthy development of China-India relations."

The Indian foreign ministry responded with a statement of their own
saying Arunachal Pradesh was an "integral and inalienable part of
India" and China's statements "did not help the process of ongoing
negotiations between the two governments on the boundary question."

Singh visited the area earlier this month prior to the state assembly
polls held on Tuesday.

Beijing has maintained that a large area of Arunachal Pradesh along
the Himalayan border belongs to China and is considered "southern"
Tibet. The issue has further escalated as plans of a visit to
Arunachal Pradesh by exiled Tibetan leader the Dalai Lama, a move
adamantly opposed by China.

According to Beijing much of the area in question was controlled by
Tibet and when China took over Tibet they claimed that territory as
their own. The fear in China is that the Dalia Lama will now say that
Arunachal Pradesh was never part of Tibet thus eliminating any claims
made by China.
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