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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."

Book Announcement: China's Tibet?: Autonomy or Assimilation

October 15, 2009
October 14, 2009

This groundbreaking book explores China's efforts
to assimilate Tibet, in the process rewriting
Tibetan history to conform to its own goals.
Warren Smith argues that Beijing fears any
genuine autonomy or dialogue with the Dalai Lama,
convinced that it will fuel renewed nationalism
in China's Tibet, as the leadership calls its
possession. Highlighting China's past and current
propaganda on Tibet, the book demonstrates
China's sensitivity regarding the legitimacy of
its rule. In the absence of any solution, Smith
advocates promoting Tibet's right to
self-determination as the most viable strategy
for sustaining international attention and
maintaining the most essential elements of
Tibetan national identity. This thoroughly
informed work will be valuable not only to Tibet
experts and students, but also to the larger
world of Tibet activists, sympathizers, and
others attempting to understand China's policies.


     * Paperback: 336 pages
     * Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. (October 28, 2009)
     * Language: English
     * ISBN-10: 0742539903
     * ISBN-13: 978-0742539907

Editorial Reviews

"A thorough ... study of relations between the
two entities over the last century." --Library Journal, May 2008

"Admirable because it lays out in jargon-free
language the political and cultural nature of the
China-Tibet relationship. It is further admirable
because Warren Smith, who writes for the Tibetan
Service of Radio Free Asia, is scrupulously fair,
including in his pages complete policy statements
from Beijing and the Dalai Lama's exile
government." --Wall Street Journal Asia, July 2008

"Anyone who is a Tibet activist, a serious
student of Tibetan Buddhism, or a history buff
will find Smith's book indispensable. . . . What
is truly fresh and original in China's
Tibet?--and reveals Smith at his most penetrating
and disturbing--is his analysis of China's
greatest propaganda successes. . . . The tug of
war between recorded fact and historical
revisionism, autonomy and assimilation, Tibetan
Buddhist culture and Chinese real estate, will
continue while the rest of the world looks on
from the sidelines. In the meantime, we should be
very grateful that Warren Smith has kept a superb
scorecard for us." --Tricycle Magazine

"In seven fluid chapters, the book covers recent
Tibetan history, with an emphasis on Chinese
propaganda and how Chinese leaders have viewed
Tibet. . . . China's Tibet? is essential for
understanding how the Sino-Tibetan relationship
became what it is today. . . . His clear-eyed
analysis makes a very convincing case." --Far Eastern Economic Review

"Smith has extensive living experience in the
region and does his research with great care. . .
. Recommended." --Choice, November 2008

"This is a landmark study of China's efforts to
fully subsume Tibet and to rewrite Tibetan
history to conform to this official reality.
Smith's dispassionate, critical, and detailed
account makes clear China's goal of complete
assimilation and the futility of the Dalai Lama's
policy to seek some kind of 'meaningful autonomy'
for his country." --Jamyang Norbu, author of The Mandala of Sherlock Holmes

"Warren Smith deserves a prize for this work. He
has presented a clear-eyed, well-informed, and
penetrating analysis of China's blatantly
colonial policy in Tibet. If you want to
understand the realities of the Tibet question,
this book is a must-read. You'll never again hear
the oft-repeated phrase 'China's Tibet' in quite
the same way." --Robert Thurman, Columbia University
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