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No end to China's road building spree in Tibet

October 16, 2009

No end to China's road building spree in Tibet
Tibetan Review
October 14, 2009

Apart from opening up Tibet for rail and air
transport of goods and people, China says its
efforts to invest massively to open up its
counties and villages by road networks would
continue. It is expected that till the end of the
11th-Five-Year-Plan period (ie, 2010), 80 per
cent of Tibetan counties will be paved by
blacktop or cement roads while all the townships
and over 80 per cent of the villages would be
connected with highways, reported China’s online
Tibet news service Oct 13.

The report said convenient highway access would
increase passenger capacity by 107 times and
cargo handling capacity by 11 times from the
figures in 1959. And, of course, so much more
Chinese immigrants would be able to spread out to
more distant parts and corners of Tibet.

The report put the current total length of
highways in the Tibet Autonomous Region at 51,300
km, an addition of 44,000 over the length in
1959. It said China had spent 350 million yuan
from 1979 to 2009 to add a total of 328,000 km of
national highways, major traffic trunks and roads in villages and counties.

The report said Lhasa was already the centre of a
transportation network which extends to Sichuan,
Yunnan, Xinjiang and Qinghai as well as Nepal.
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