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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."

A political catch 22

October 21, 2009

The widening gap between Dharamsala and Beijing’s political gambit!
by Chime Tenzing
October 20, 2009

China has once again managed to stall a meeting
between two Nobel laureates recently -- a meeting
between His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet and
the new Nobel laureate-in-waiting Barrack Obama
of America. This had drawn severe flak on Obama’s
intentions as a result Obama had to purposefully
sent his delegates to Dharamsala to meet with the
Dalai Lama to make his intentions clear once and
for all. However, amidst such growing Chinese
political browbeatings against His Holiness the
Dalai Lama and the Tibetan exile government,
Dharamsala always play it safe in matters
relating to so called diplomatic negotiations
with Beijing .While Beijing always intentionally
engage in covering up Tibet’s issue whenever
there’s a remote prospect of a good political
climate, Dharamsala invariably limits itself to
just letting out a feeble cry of objection which
always tend to fall flat on the deaf ears in Beijing.

Today it’s an open secret that Dharamsala is
caught between the proverbial devil and the deep
blue sea. Despite ceaseless blatant attacks by
Beijing, Dharamsala is always gung-ho and
obsessed about creating a conducive atmosphere
for dialogue and hoping for a divine intervention in solving Tibet’s issue.

So far we have had eight rounds of 'inconclusive
talks' and still we look forward with a hope for
a breakthrough in our future envoy’s visit to
Beijing notwithstanding the fact that Beijing has
no intention of breaking our political deadlock.

We have spent our 50 years in exile just
kow-towing and dancing to the tunes of Beijing
while there’s not even a remote sign and good
will gesture from the other side. Instead, what
Beijing always seems to be interested is in
flexing its political muscle and sweeping Tibet’s
issue under the carpet. In a way it looks like we
have indirectly contributed in making Beijing
proficient in playing this nasty political game
due to our defeatist psychology.

If you have the guts you will have no qualms in
admitting that Beijing will never tire from
articulating its pseudo concerns and claims of
modernization in Tibet despite its terrible
records of human rights abuses. Apart from
issuing mild political sanctions against Beijing,
the international giants like the U.S and Britain
remain sucked in its business ties with Beijing’s rising economy.

To stoop too low amidst such political climate we
are doing nothing more than flogging the dead
horse to life. We had remained just mute
spectators to the communist splendors that have
recently been displayed by Beijing on the
occasion of 60 years of communism in China.
Instead of the desirous downfall of communism
they have shown to the world that communism in
China is very much alive. This comes as a huge
blow, particularly to the Tibetans as we have
always hoped for an advent of democracy in China,
which would eventually ease in solving Tibet’s
issue. Instead a death-knell in true sense of the word has been sounded!

Going by our experience dealing with China in our
50 years of exile have taught us one thing loud
and clear -- that Beijing always regard our cry
for freedom or autonomy not more than just a
pinprick of a mosquito bite. To them we are just
like those dancing clowns in circus shows.

What China fears most today is the power of the
simple Buddhist monk whose non-violence
propagation is received like a dagger at their
heart. Because of this fear Beijing always makes
sure to warn any country from welcoming the Dalai
Lama on their soil. For them, with the passing
away of the Dalai Lama Tibet will also disappear
into thin oblivion and Tibetans will be reduced
to mere unknown citizens of the world. Despite
our repeated refutation of this Chinese notion,
Beijing still clings to the erroneous belief!

We had already observed and thanked our host
country on completing 50 years in exile, Tibetan
Youth Congress has also observed its 40th
founding anniversary just recently, China has
also celebrated 60 years of communism and we will
have observed and celebrated many founding
anniversaries of our NGOs, institutes, and
governmental organizations in the years to come.
But sadly all these year counts remind us that
the issue of Tibet has not made any breakthroughs in all these years.

Our exile community is weakly polarized in our
varied political views and stands. We have to
accept this fact that we are always confused on
how to go about making our views heard. While we
unanimously endorse ‘middle path’ endorsed by His
Holiness, we also get ourselves caught in the
call for freedom during our political rallies. If
we are for ‘middle path’, should we also resort
to demanding complete independence? Or the other
way round? Or there’s also benefit of doubt
without swearing allegiance to neither of our stands?

Like the fickle minded communist brothers, our
Tibetan brains are also on the verge of becoming
invalid and one day it would stop functioning
altogether! Beijing traditionally suffers from
its suspicious nature while we keep hoping for
some sort of miracle that would bring about a
sudden change in our quest for Tibet. (Bhoed
rewai phoong, Gya Dhokpai phoong) This is due to
our short-sightedness and weak heart that delays
us from seeing the greener side of the shore.

Our fifty years of political struggle for Tibet
has reached nowhere today. Despite our discounts
and compromises, Beijing is still dead solid in
its mission to erase Tibet from the collective
memory of the world. It works day in and out to
churn out propagandist campaigns against the
Dalai Lama and Tibetan government in exile.
Despite our repeated proposals for a solution to
the Tibet’s issue through dialogue Beijing is not
ready to move even an inch. The atrocities being
meted out to Tibetans inside Tibet has become a
ritual and no bloody world powers have the guts
and willingness to push Beijing to the
negotiation table. In this political melee
Tibetan exiles remain confused in the middle of
all this political gambit between Dharmsala and Beijing.

All these grim realities stand testimony to the
fact that there is an urgent need of an overhaul
in our political attitude and stance against
Beijing’s cunning ploys. Be it our government or
the mass, we need to wake up before the cloud of
uncertainties loom over our heads. A
‘tit-for-tat’ approach is not a bad idea. It’s
time that we danced according to the beats of
Beijing’s drum. Otherwise we will be caught in
this vicious circle of political Catch 22 forever and after!
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