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China Executes Four Tibetans In Lhasa Over Spring 2008 Protest

October 23, 2009

Press Release
TCHRD condemns in strongest term China?s execution of four Tibetans
Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD)
October 22, 2009

The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) has
received confirmed information from reliable sources that Lobsang
Gyaltsen, Loyak, Penkyi and an unnamed Tibetan were executed on
Tuesday, 20 October 2009 under the supervision of the Lhasa
Municipality Intermediate People?s Court for their alleged
involvement in last year?s mass protest in the Tibetan capital.
Further information is awaited. No information on their execution was
reported anywhere in the Chinese state media.

According to sources, the dead body of Lobsang Gyaltsen, from Lubug
on the outskirt of Lhasa city, was handed over to his family and his
dead body was later? immersed in Kyichu River.

There is no information on whether the defendants appealed their
sentences to the Supreme People?s Court after Lhasa Municipal
Intermediate People?s Court sentenced Lobsang Gyaltsen and Loyak to
death on 8 April 2009.

According to the Chinese official mouthpiece dated 8 April 2009,
Lhasa Municipal Intermediate People?s Court sentenced two people to
death (Lobsang Gyaltsen and Loyak), two to suspended death penalties
(Tenzin Phuntsok and Kangtsuk) and another (Dawa Sangpo) to life
imprisonment on charges of arson causing death. The five were
convicted of torching five shops in Lhasa, killing seven people,
during the March 14 riot.

On 21 April 2009 the same court, according to the State media,
sentenced three Tibetans (Penkyi of Nyemo County and Penkyi of Sakya
County and Chime of Namling County) to suspended death, life and 10
years? imprisonment respectively for setting fires that allegedly
killed six people in Lhasa last year. The Centre is highly concerned
about the fate of Tibetans who were on suspended death sentences.

The PRC government currently sentences more people to death each year
than any other nation in the world. TCHRD condemns the executions of
four Tibetans and urges PRC government to show restraint and to grant
its citizens fair trials and to abide by the basic human rights of
all of its peoples, regardless of their ethnicity.

TCHRD remains unconditionally opposed to the use of the death penalty
in all cases as a violation of the fundamental right to life and the
right not to be subjected to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or
punishment. It should also be noted that the death penalty has never
shown to have a special deterrent effect nor should state use it to
justify the wrong done by the defendant. For instance in the case of
two Tibetans (Lobsang Gyaltsen and Loyak) the state media earlier
reported that both "have to be executed to assuage the people's
anger.? Such eyeball for eyeball approach is in no way a
justification of giving death sentence. The execution of four
Tibetans? are further proof of China?s unwillingness to abide by the
United Nations Global Moratorium on the Death Penalty, adopted in
2007, which establishes a suspension on executions with the view to
abolish the death penalty.

TCHRD expresses strongest condemnation and grief over the shocking
executions. The Centre also expresses serious concern over the fate
of other Tibetans with suspended death sentences. Toward this end,
the Centre seeks immediate and urgent intervention by the UN Special
Rapporteur on Extra Judicial, Summary, or Arbitrary Execution,
governments and the international community over this unlawful execution.?

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