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"As long as human rights are violated, there can be no foundation for peace. How can peace grow where speaking the truth is itself a crime?"

Tibet Murder in the Snow has won the People's Choice Award for the 2009 Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival

October 27, 2009

Tibet Custom
October 25,  2009

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The Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival highlights a
collection of the most inspiring and
thought-provoking social, environmental, and
adventure-related outdoor films from around the
world. The 2009 festival will take place October 8th-11th.

In 2008 we had four days of programming including
guest speakers, an ‘extreme’ late-night program
featuring high energy sport films, a local
fillmmaker/themed session, numerous student film
submissions and a hugely successful student program.

This year we are excited to introduce two
wonderful new programsmade possible by a grant
from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

Our traveling showcase of films will be venturing
onto our local Native American reservations for a
presentation to local highschool and middleschool
students. Our goal is to get these students
exposed to important themes related to the world
around them as well as to inspire them to take action.

In a similar light, 2009 will begin our new
Student Filmmakers program. This program will
allow students to learn about the process of
filmmaking. Through a series of tutorials and
access to film equipment and filmmaker mentors,
the students will create films to be showcased at
our 2010 festival. For more information on this
program, please check our Student Filmmaker Program tab.

As a volunteer-run effort, any profits from the
event are reinvested into future festivals or
donated to a local advocacy group. In 2008 we
donated to F.I.R.E- Flagstaff International
Relief Effort, a non-profit organization that
provides warm clothing, medical suppplies, and
training to the poorest of the poor in Mongolia.

Situated just one hour south of the Grand Canyon,
Flagstaff’s high altitude desert setting makes a
spectacular base for outdoor and film enthusiasts
to get together and enjoy this unique environment
along with high quality film entertainment.

Our sixth annual event was an overwhelming
success with 2,000 film-goers despite
unseasonably warm spring-like weather drawing
people to the beautiful outdoors. Thanks to all
those who attended and supported the 2008 festival.

Further information about the incident it's self

In an incident that shocked the world, a teenage
Tibetan nun, Kelsang Namtso, was killed when
Chinese border police opened fire on a group of
pilgrims as they fled Tibet over the infamous
Nangpa Pass. The shooting was witnessed by many
international mountain climbers, some of whom
videotaped or photographed the events and also
helped rescue survivors and sent the story out to the world.

Using the original climber footage, reenactments
and interviews with witnesses and survivors,
Tibet: Murder in the Snow tells of young Tibetans
who risk their lives each year to illegally cross
the rugged Himalaya Mountains in an attempt to
see their spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, or attend school in India.

It is a dangerous journey. In September 2006,
more than 70 young people travelled for three
nights in the back of a truck as it drove south
towards the Himalayas. Then the refugees walked
for 10 more nights, with inadequate clothing and
limited food and water, to the base of the
infamous 6000-metre Nangpa Pass, an ancient trade route to Nepal.

Among those who paid their hard-earned savings to
illegal mountain-guides, were teenage farm girls
Dolma Palki, 16, and her best friend Kelsang
Namtso, a 17 year-old nun. Both wanted to meet to
meet the Dalai Lama and to study without
political interference. Also attempting to cross
the mountains were 14-year-old boy Jamyang Samten
and Lobsang Choeden, 29, a farmer.
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