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Ron Esposito's CD "Open Heart" Features Tibetan & Crystal Singing Bowls

October 29, 2009

October 27, 2009

Ron Esposito, at age 54, lost his job and decided
to invest his savings in himself and a new
career. He turned to his interest in Tibetan and
eastern cultures, became a certified lifecoach
and Enneagram teacher. He also put down his
electric bass and began playing the Tibetan &
Crystal Singing Bowls. His first CD, "Open
Heart," draws on his jazz/blues heritage -
featuring the bowls in a new musical context.

Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) Oct 27 -- Ron Esposito has
performed, produced and promoted music all his
life. His CD, "Open Heart," may seem a long way
from the music he heard as an altar boy at
church, the acoustic guitar he played in college
rock bands, the electric bass he played with a
popular Midwest blues band and the acoustic bass
he plays in a jazz trio. But all of these
influences come together as Esposito spins the
Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls in a broader
and more diverse musical context than these
instruments are traditionally played. Cincinnati
Enquirer writer Rick Bird describes the CD as
"elegant," going on to say "how Esposito brings a
joyful jazz-like improv feel to his singing bowl
work." Echoes, the syndicated music program
distributed by Public Radio International,
recently added the CD's opening track "Miles
Away" to its playlist. Referred to as "public
radio's daily chillout show," Echoes is hosted by
John Diliberto and broadcast on 130 radio
stations from coast to coast. "Open Heart" is
available on and

The instrumentation for "Open Heart" is what sets
it apart from other recordings with the Tibetan
and Crystal Singing Bowls. In addition to the
bowls, Esposito also plays kalimba, guitar and
bass with Ric Hordinski (Over-the-Rhine, Monk,
Phil Keaggy, Victor Wooten, David Wilcox) on
guitar, Jim Feist on tabla and percussion, Janice
T. (Sunflower) on various Native American flutes
and Doug Perry on hammered dulcimer and small
percussion. Angie Pepper lends her gospel alto on
the CD's final track, "Om Shanti." Esposito
shares writing credits for the music on "Open
Heart" with all four instrumentalists. Bill
Gwynne of Group Effort Studios, the recording
engineer for "Open Heart" said, "This is one of
the most exciting and unique projects I have ever
had the privilege of working on."

This is one of the most exciting and unique
projects I have ever had the privilege of working on.

I probably first heard a recording of singing
bowls in a massage therapist's office years ago,
and became instantly drawn to their purity of sound and vibration

Waves of the New Age

"I probably first heard a recording of singing
bowls in a massage therapist's office years ago,
and became instantly drawn to their purity of
sound and vibration," comments Esposito. Then
later I heard recordings by the German artist
Deuter. His music really peaked my interest in
these instruments, so I made the decision to
study both the Tibetan brass and the Crystal Singing Bowls."

After receiving his Bachelors degree in English
and Philosophy at Ohio University, Ron was a
manager at Boston's premier jazz club, The Jazz
Workshop, and then moved to New York City to work
as CTI Records road manager touring with Airto,
Deodato and the CTI Jazz All-Stars. He earned his
Master's in Broadcast Management and in 1986,
moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he became
Special Projects Producer for WVXU, 91.7 FM (NPR)
and the X-Star Network of seven stations in four
states. In addition to producing and hosting
three music programs, Ron produced three
compilation CDs featuring Cincinnati-based jazz
musicians. He also served as producer for Riders
in the Sky's "Riders Radio Theater" show and the
Windham Hill "Winter Solstice Concerts."

 From 1993 - 2005, Esposito was the bassist in
the Cincinnati-based blues group the High Street
Rhythm Rockers, later known as Greg Schaber &
High Street, winning numerous regional music
awards, touring extensively between Chicago and
Memphis and recording four CDs. Recently he has
been playing acoustic bass with a jazz trio.

By 2005, Ron Esposito's lifelong interest in
spirituality, metaphysics, philosophy and
personal transformation led to his certification
as a Life Coach and Enneagram teacher and
trainer. Today he works with clients at the
Conscious Living Center in Cincinnati. He also
co-hosts a weekly radio program "Waves of the New
Age" on WAIF, 88.3 FM, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

His debut recording project playing the Tibetan
and Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls was released in
2008. "Lifting the Veil" is a collection of
Enneagram meditations spoken by Esposito and
Deborah Ooten and features keyboardist Billy
Larkin and guitarist Ric Hordinski.

"My lifelong interest in philosophy has deepened
my interest in the cultures of Tibet, India and
the Far East, where transformational teachings
are a way of life. My subsequent introduction to
the transcendent qualities of Tibetan and Crystal
Singing Bowls opened for me a new universe of
musical possibilities." Ron Esposito plays the
Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls in concerts and
for yoga and meditation centers in the Greater
Cincinnati region. He is currently working on new
music for his next CD featuring the bowls with
cello, violin and deep space synthesizer.
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