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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."

San Francisco Bay Area Tibetans and supporters protest Chinese executions

October 30, 2009

Tenzin W. Shakya, SF TEAM TIBET
October 29, 2009

Berkeley, CA, USA -- San Francisco Bay Area
Tibetans gathered Saturday night, 24 October, for
a candlelight vigil, after receiving the tragic
report from the Tibetan Center for Human Rights
in India that the Chinese government had executed
four Tibetan activists on 20 October. The men
were convicted for their alleged involvement in
the March 2008 uprising in Lhasa, in a move
activists are decrying as a violation of international human rights law.

Three of the young Tibetan men who were executed
are: Lobsang Gyaltsen, age 27; Loyak, age 25; and
Penkyi, age 21. A fourth unidentified Tibetan was
also reportedly executed on the same day.

"These individuals were denied their basic legal
rights, and their trials were not conducted in
accordance with international judicial standards.
Despite Chinese law providing that these cases
should have been tried in open court, where
independent observers could have attended, these
four Tibetans have been prosecuted behind closed
doors," announced Yangchen Lhamo, a board member
of the organization Students for a Free Tibet.

These are the first known executions of Tibetans
since 2003, and they signal an alarming
escalation in the Chinese government's campaign
to punish any Tibetan who dares to speak out
against Chinese rule, according to SF TEAM TIBET.

"Everyone should get their phones and call their
U.S. government representatives to demand an
immediate response and denounce this travesty of
justice, and ask for concrete actions on Tibet by
President Obama during his upcoming visit to
China," urged Tsering Dorjee, President of the
San Francisco Regional Tibetan Youth Congress.

Wei Jingsheng, a well known Chinese Human Rights
and Democracy activist and often referred to as
"the leader for the opposition against the
Chinese Communist dictatorship" was also present
at this vigil and said he "supports the struggle
of all people in China deserving of Human Rights".

"President Obama has declined to meet His
Holiness the Dalai Lama and has succumbed to the
Chinese government's pressure...We must not beg
him to meet his Holiness the Dalai Lama. Instead,
we should say, ‘Obama, don't go to China!'"
declared Giovanni Vasallo, President of the Bay
Area Friends of Tibet and Committee of 100 for Tibet.

Vasallo explained, "That will make a statement
and get progress for human rights and democracy in China and Tibet."

"Yes, we can certainly make a difference if we
all raise our voices in unison. As such, we must
join in solidarity with those who cannot speak
and continue to suffer under the repressive
Chinese government," advised Kunchok Tashi, Vice
President of the Tibetan Association of Northern California.

SF TEAM TIBET has scheduled another protest to
take place outside the Chinese Consulate in San
Francisco this Friday, 30 October, from 12pm-3pm.
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