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Seminar on Buddhism and Science held in Spain

November 4, 2009

October 30, 2009

Tibet House Foundation, Barcelona organized the
second annual Seminar on Buddhism and Science
from 23rd to 25th October. The main purpose of
this seminar was to establish a link between the
East and the West, say the organizers. "It was
also to establish further links between wisdom
and compassion which is present in all spiritual
traditions of the world," says Ven. Thupten
Wangchen, the director of Tibet House Foundation.

This year´s presenters were Geshe Jampel Senge
from Tibet Institute in Rikon monastery in
Switzerland and Dr. Barry Kerzin, M.D. from
Dharamsala. They taught Nature of the Mind
according to Buddhism and Science; Neuroscience
and Meditation; Compassion and Health; Happiness
without Science; and several other topics.

All these themes were intended to stimulate
reflection on how universal compassion can be
complemented by scientific development.
Furthermore the seminar intended to promote
understanding on how to unify love and compassion
with the deepest knowledge of reality.

"We anticipate that this 'Buddhism and Science'
seminar will help further the understanding of
the different views of the function and nature of
the mind with altruistic intention to benefit all
sentient beings and contribute to the universal
peace in the world," says Thubten Wangchen.

Ven. Thubten Wangchen thanked the two speakers
for their insightful lectures which he hoped would benefit many people.
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