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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."

Opinion: Dalai Lama Lesson

November 4, 2009

India shows the world how to stand firm with China.
The Wall Street Journal
October 30, 2009

As President Obama prepares for his trip to
Beijing next month, he'd be wise to cast an eye
toward New Delhi, where Prime Minister Manmohan
Singh is showing the rest of the world how to
deal with Beijing when it gets into a bullying mood.

At issue is the Dalai Lama's proposed trip next
month to visit Tibetan Buddhist believers in
Arunachal Pradesh, a province governed by India
but claimed by China since the 1962 border war.
Chinese spokesperson Ma Zhaoxu said last week the
trip "further exposed the anti-China and
separatist nature of the Dalai clique."

But India stood firm. During a regional summit
over the weekend Prime Minister Manmohan Singh
says he "explained to Premier Wen [Jiabao] that
the Dalai Lama is our honored guest; he is a
religious leader." The prime minister went on to
imply that the Dalai Lama was free to travel
where he pleased, so long as he did not engage in politics.

This contrasts with Mr. Obama's decision not to
meet with the Dalai Lama earlier this month. His
cave-in broke Presidential precedent and
emboldened Beijing to step up anti-Dalai Lama
rhetoric, particularly in--guess where--India,
which has hosted Tibet's government-in-exile for more than 50 years.

Mr. Singh will face further China tests soon,
given the other conflicts with his northern
neighbor. China and India still dispute their
2,200-mile long border, and Indian defense
officials say that Chinese incursions into Indian
territory are on the rise. The two also have disputes over Kashmir and Nepal.

Those irritants are more reason for Mr. Singh to
stand firm on the principles for which India
stands--the very same principles of democracy and
freedom that America holds. Therein lies a lesson
for Mr. Obama's China diplomacy as well.
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