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Tibetan awarded “Citizen of the Year” in Australia

January 31, 2008

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sydney (Australia), January 28: Dorjee Dadul, a Tibetan Sydney resident,
was named “Citizen of the Year” by Warringah Council, Sydney, on the
occasion of Australia Day on January 26, 2008.

Warringah, a local council area in the Northern Beaches region of
Sydney, Australia, is home to the majority (over 300) of the Tibetan
population living in Australia.

This is a proud day for Dorjee Dadul and his family - and also for every
Tibetan living in Australia.

As one of the first Tibetans to settle in Australia over twenty eight
years ago, Dorjee Dadul is a pillar of his community. His proudest
achievement was establishing the Tibetan Learning Centre in Sydney for
children to learn Tibetan language, music, dance and customs, which are
in danger of being eradicated in Tibet itself, and which will hopefully
be preserved by Tibetans living in exile outside of Tibet.

Tibetan culture is revered and admired worldwide as one which is
dedicated to peace and compassion on every level. It is very fortunate
to have the ability to nurture and preserve it in Warringah, which is
home to so many Tibetans in Australia.

Mr Dadul, a former President of the Tibetan Community of Australia
(NSW), has been dedicated to assisting the Tibetan community with
resettlement issues and has been instrumental in the success of the
Tibetan mentoring program, which is a Northern Beaches Technical and
Further Education (TAFE) initiative to encourage interaction between
Tibetans and their new community.

“Being named Citizen of the Year is a very humbling experience, because
the things I do are a moral responsibility to keep the Tibetan culture
and identity alive,” Mr Dadul said.

“Australia is a melting pot for all the nations, and we have the liberty
to practice our own language but at the same time we are getting woven
into the tapestry of Australia”.

The award ceremony took place after the nationwide "Australia Day"

The Tibetan community was very much involved with the Warringah
Australia Day festivities, in conjunction with the local Rotary

On the morning before his award ceremony, Mr Dadul was practicing
Tibetan culture himself by being the front end of one of the snow lions
which performed at the Australia Day Ceremony at Dee Why beach. This is
truly practicing what you teach!

Congratulations Dorjee Dadul on your wonderful dedication and achievements!

(Report filed by Sue Bloom)

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