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Prefer Dalai Lama to Chinese

November 6, 2009

Society and Religion
November 3, 2009

China is not India’s natural neighbor. Tibet is.
India should not forget that. Good always
overcome the evil. A fact that India should not
forget. Considering the time it takes for good to
overcome the evil, India should be on the right
side of the history. Nature of China is
destructive. The nature of Tibet peace. Evil
always attract destruction. Its a matter of time
that the Chinese will be destroyed. Tibet will
triumph, just like, peace has always triumphed.

India should not find itself on the wrong side of
the laws of nature. It should incubate peace.
Tibet is a natural peace buffer against the destructive Chinese.

Dalai Lama is separatist. He separates good from
the evil. Should India stop peace from visiting
any of the Indian states? He can go to Arunanchal
Pradesh or Tawang if he feels it right.

Its natural that India should prefer holiness of
Dalai lama to spread than the toxic Chinese toys
or the Chinese nuclear warheads. China breeds
hate. Dalai Lama breeds love. Stopping Dalai Lama
will be like killing Mahatma Gandhi all over again.

Look at the confidence of Peace. Dalai Lama never
lost his sleep when Indian Prime Minister meets
the Chinese counterpart. Look at the fickleness
of Evil. China always fears Dalai Lama.

Wen Jiabao wants to promote "healthy and stable
relations" with India. Health and Stability is
synonymous with peace. But peace is Dalai Lama.
How can China promote peace when it is afraid of
Dalai Lama? How can peace be promoted when fear
exist? How can peace be promoted when China holds peace hostage in Tibet?
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