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Gang.nyi and Issues Concerning Him

November 22, 2009

November 21, 2009 19:03]

Following is a undated blog posting by a friend
of Gang.nyi (Kunga Tsangyang) who was sentenced
on November 12, 2009 to five years in prison.

First: The Secret Between Gangnyi and I

A few years ago I became a student in the
Northwestern Nationalities’ University. One
cannot say for sure though that my Tibetan
writing was the first guide in my life. But since
around that time I made many friends online and
got to know them well. Even my friend Theurang
became closer not only because we were classmates
but we were online friends in the virtual world.

 From amongst all my online friends, Gangnyi is
someone who made a deep impression on me and was
the closest of them all. I am sure that all of
you who are friends with him feel very close to
him too. I regularly read his thoughts and ideas
on his blog. He also said that he read some of my
writings on my blog. Perhaps, you, who are full
of patriotism and activism, may not know this.

Second: Gangnyi and Yesterday’s News

One place where we can share our heartfelt
thoughts is the Tibetan blog site. Though initial
bloggers blogged in very high standard of Tibetan
writing, it was Gangnyi who made the blog a
really happening place. He blogged about current
affairs, poetry, essays and many other issues
which we want to hear about. And hence readers
flogged to his blog like thirsty people to water.

Recently when his blog was shutdown, it gave us a
severe warning. But who could have been more
concerned about this than Gangnyi himself? A few
friends stood up in solidarity with him at that
time and I really admire and thank them. But
Gangnyi’s courage could not be defeated by such
actions as shutting down a blog. He became
bolder. He kept on travelling on his chosen road.

His long-haired friends admired him more and
their courage grew. And from that time onwards,
he found another power in blogging i.e.
supplementing his writings with photographs, and
to warn about dangers through photographs. Many
other bloggers followed his footsteps and now it is an expanding world.

Third: Gangnyi and Today’s World

Yesterday a friend brought the news that Gangnyi
was arrested. All of his friends like me were
very anxious. Because of the situation at that
time, I could not ask this friend anything more
about the incident. What this friend told me
could be true and it could be wrong too. However,
I felt a very real sense of danger and remembered
all the blogger friends like Gangnyi.

It is our responsibility to give out information,
but when intellectual friends like Gangnyi gets
arrested by the authorities, who do not
investigate into those who trample yesterday’s
issues and today’s situation, I cannot think of
anything to write on this blog. I blankly sit in front of this computer.

Four: Talking about Gangnyi’s Colleague Theurang

Who could feel that these days a constant tornado of danger swirl around me?

I have absolutely no desire to tie my tongue by
myself. This act is same like those of Chinese
intellectuals. Theurang was a college student who
left the deepest impressions on me. I know many
of my friends are reading this with big wide-eyed
interest and attention. Thank you. If you
continue reading I will continue to write.

In 2008 much hope was placed on Shar Dungri by
people and a lot was achieved thus far. However,
many simply stand in solidarity with writers in
this collection but not with editor of this book.
The reason for this is terribly easy. It is
because this book talks about situations and
issues that hurt. I am going tell you something
that will hurt your heart: Recently the
authorities came here like hungry wolves after a
sheep, saying that Shar Dungri had spread rumor
to scare people. But the fact that investigations
are going on regarding this cannot be kept in secret from people.

Perhaps, Theurang’s long hair displeased the
authorities because he was severely interrogated
about it. His teaching job was suspended saying
that they knew about everything, but they did not
know anything. Tibetan intellectuals have written
clearly in it about this issue and said that all
the terrible names such as rioters, looters and
arsonists thrown on us were all prearranged.

To tell you one thing more; the authorities told
him that when they would see him the next time
around, "it would not be pen and paper relation
but of life and shackles.” If we look at this
statement, there is absolutely no assurance that
our educated youth would not be taken anywhere
under some pretexts. These gullible people who
are hungry for power and promotions are waiting
for a chance or an excuse. These opportunists are
waiting for a chance to promote themselves: What
assurance is there that they will not take away my friend?

Five: Gangnyi and Danger to Intellectuals

There is a statement saying that people are equal
in situations and in their causes. But this
cannot be seen in my horizon. If this is true,
then intellectuals are the main patriotic force
and they are also the unbiased searchers of
causes for situations. Thus, one must listen and
stand whatever intellectuals say or write. One
must investigate into any incident. If people get
arrested as much as the authorities have
handcuffs under the pretext that they have broken
laws and crossed boundaries, then, even if there
is unlimited supply of handcuffs, there is limit
to the patience of the intellectuals.

Translated from Tibetan by Bhuchung D. Sonam.
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