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China wants a Chinese version of Tibetan Buddhism, says Dalai Lama (update)

November 22, 2009

Little About
November 21, 2009

New Delhi, Nov.21 (ANI) -- Tibetan spiritual
leader Dalai Lama on Saturday said that China
wants a Dalai Lama of China's Tibet or a Chinese
version of Tibetan Buddhism, which he said was very strange.

I think China wants Dalai Lama of China's Tibet
or China's Tibetan Buddhism. This is very
strange, said Dalai Lama here on the sidelines of a function in the capital.

Nobel Laureate Dalai Lama on this occasion
expressed hope that Prime Minister Manmohan
Singh, who left today for the United States on a
State visit, would discuss Tibet issue with the U.S. President Barack Obama.

He, however, added that he was well aware of the
limitations of New Delhi and Washington,

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's three-day state visit, starts on November 23.

"I am quite sure whatever [will] the prime
minister can do [something]; can appeal [to]
something to his friend, he will do. I have no
worry. Then, of course, we should be government of India and United
States have also some limitations. That's also is
there. That's a reality,"Dalai Lama said here on
the sidelines of inaugurating a hospital ward.

Dalai Lama, meanwhile also appreciated the U.S.
President Obama on holding talks with his Chinese
counterpart Hu Jintao and others and hoped that
it could be that they discussed Tibet.

"He (Barack Obama) actually, I think, publicly
and behind scenes, [I think] he really talk(ed)
with Chinese leaders very seriously about Tibetan
issue. So, that I must appreciate," said Dalai Lama. - ANI
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