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"As long as human rights are violated, there can be no foundation for peace. How can peace grow where speaking the truth is itself a crime?"

Where Is Tibet ?

November 25, 2009

by Michael Motorcycle
November 23, 2009

President Obama was in China last week. During
his report on the video, he mentioned that Tibet
no longer exists. The former country and all of
it's people are owned by China. In 1959 chairman
Mao and his troops invaded Tibet in full force
and began occupation. The Dalai Lama fled on
horseback and has lived in exile in India ever
since. In 1966 Mao Zedong unleashed the “cultural
revolution” destroying monuments and over 4000
Buddhist monasteries. In 1996 the “Strike Hand”
and the “Patriotic Reeducation” programs were
introduced to diminish the influence of the Dalai
Lama and Tibetan Buddhism and to eradicate the
name TIBET and to merge the autonomous regions
with China provinces. In 2008 Premier Wen Jiabao
stated that Tibet and Taiwan are inseparable
parts of China. Meanwhile the Chinese have begun
military maneuvers in Arunachal Pradesh, India.
The Chinese government believes that control of
the past is the key to control of the future.

When you visit the Dalai Lama, the custom is to
bring a white, silk scarf. He blesses it for you
and you have a remembrance of the occaision. A
few years ago at the Oscar presentations, many
Hollywood movie stars wore white silk scarves to
bring attention to the plight of the exiled
Tibetan people, and the Buddhist monks; and yet,
the Dalai Lama never says an unkind word about
the Chinese. The U.S. looks to China to finance
wars on several fronts and so our president must
acquiesce to Chinese agression. The world will be
at peace when all people feel compassion.

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