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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."

Polish Parliamentary Group for Tibet, Parliament of the Republic of Poland

February 13, 2008

Following is the statement issued by the Polish Parliamentary Group
for Tibet, Parliament of the Republic of Poland

7th February, 2008
The First Day of the Tibetan New Year (Losar) 2135

We would like to inform with a great pleasure that the Polish
Parliamentary Group for Tibet has been set up in the 6th term of Sejm
of the Republic of Poland (Polish Parliament).

Similarly, to our activity in the previous 5th term, we are going to
appeal to the authorities of the PRC to engage into immediate
negotiations with the Nobel Peace Laureate, His Holiness the XIV Dalai
Lama of Tibet and his envoys in order to reach a satisfactory solution
for both sides, concerning the Tibetan issue.

For almost 60 years, i.e. since the People Liberation Army invaded
Tibet in 1949-1950, both the representatives of the Tibetan Diaspora
and international NGOs informed the world about the Human Right
violations and religious freedom decreasing in Tibet.

We express our deep concern that desperate Tibetans resistance to such
condition can cause the situation worsening and provoke the permanent
source of trouble in the area and, as the consequence, in the whole
more and more globalized world.

We believe that the forthcoming Olympics in Beijing is the perfect
occasion for China as the 21st century authorities to make the
historical gesture of reconciliation expected by the international
opinion and, in the name of peace, take the hand reached by Dalai
Lama, who is found the only right leader by 6 million Tibetans,
despite of their being tortured indoctrinated, denationalized and
condemned to emigration, and who is admired as the unquestionable
moral authority and the head of the Tibetan Buddhism by the whole
world. Governments and Parliaments of the free democracies, especially
those of Central Europe, severely treated by the totalitarian regimes,
observe with anxiety the increasing economic and military Chinese
power. In their opinion, such a gesture can bring the PRC nothing but

We are convinced that the Middle Way of His Holiness Dalai Lama, i.e.
the genuine autonomy for Tibet within the Chinese borders, is the only
pragmatic, perspective and, what is seen as the most important and
peaceful solution for the Tibetan issue.

The old Chinese proverb says: "If one moves one step backwards, the
space of the earth and of heaven will increase." May the forthcoming
New Year bring the illustrious, spiritual tradition, as well as the
ancient wisdom back to China.

Members of Parliament of the Republic of Poland:

# Beata Bublewicz (PO)
# Malgorzata Kidawa-Blonska (P.O.)
# Andrzej Halicki (P.O.)
# Joanna Mucha (P.O.)
# Konstanty Miodowicz (P.O.)
# Boguslaw Wontor (LiD)
# Jaroslaw Walesa (P.O.)
# Jaroslaw Urbaniak (P.O.)
# Joanna Fabisiak (P.O.)
# Izabela Mrzyglocka (P.O.)
# Jakub Szulc (P.O.)
# Waldemar Anzel (Pis)

Submitted by Ewa Kedzierska (Secretary)

P.O. - Platforma Obywatelska (Liberal Party)
LiD - Lewica i Demokraci (Social Democrats)
PiS - Law and Justice (Conservatives)
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