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Nervous Chinese envoys land in Dolkha, Hold talks with Nepal Security officials

March 2, 2010

Telegraph Nepal
March 1, 2010

The nervousness in the Chinese officials based in
Kathmandu came to the open with March 10
approaching, fearing the likelihood of anti-China
protest, the Chinese Embassy at its own will and
discretion without even informing the government
of Nepal has begun holding discussions with the
heads of various security organs in the district
of Dolakha following arrest of some Tibetans who
sneaked into Nepal without proper documentation.

Lamabagar, Bigu and Alampu are three major entry
points in Dolakha District in Nepal from where
majority of the Tibetans who flee their homeland
and enter Nepal to reach their final
destination-the Dharmasala, India-a safe place
late Indian Prime Minister Nehru granted to the Dalai Lama.

On March 10, 1959, the local government of Tibet
had begun the all-around armed rebellion against
Beijing for forcefully assimilating Tibet into mainland China.

Seventeen Tibetans-seven men and ten women were
arrested by Nepal Police, February 25, 2010, who
were trying to sneak illegally into Nepal though
the Lamabagar-the Nepal Entry Point in Dolakha District.

Some four Tibetans, one man and three women, were
arrested in the district a week earlier.

Similarly, on February 6, 2010, Nepal Police had
arrested five Tibetans, including a woman, from Bouddha area of Kathmandu.

The Military attaché at the Embassy of China
General Chen Chong suddenly headed to Dolakha on
Sunday, February 28, 2010 and met with the Chief
District Officer, Border Officials and District Police Head.

"The delegation held two hours long discussion
with Mr. Ram Hari Lamichane, the local Border Official," claims reports.

"General Chen Chong asked the Nepali officials to
be more careful because the Tibetans who flee to
India via Nepal are trained to carry out
terrorist activities by their religious leader
Dalai Lama, who permanently resides in China," reports continue.

Some 52 Tibetans have been freshly arrested by the Police in Nepal.
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