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Five Tibetan monks arrested over "subversive" music video

March 4, 2010

Tibet Custom
March 3, 2010

Video has been produced and published by Tsakho
Monastery in Golok Matoe, Tibet.

Chinese authorities in Matoe County, Golog,
Tibetan Autonomous Prefectur, have arrested ten
Tibetan monks and a civilian for "producing and
distributing subversive song" on video disc.

According to the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights
and Democracy (TCHRD), an NGO based here. Six were released later on bail.

The Video "Chakdrum Marpo" (Bloody Omen)
contained songs expressing, among others, loyalty
to the exile Tibetan leader Dalai Lama and
„helplessness‰ over the death of Tibetans
following large scale protests across Tibet. The
Video also incorporated many images and footage of Chinese clampdown.

Watch parts 1 - 4
edited and provided by DorjePhagmo on Youtube

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