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Tibetans help write moral education textbooks for Mongolia

March 5, 2010

Tibetan Review
March 3, 2010)

Tibetan scholars have worked closely with well-known Mongolian
scholars and teachers through the Tibet Foundation, London, to
publish a series of moral education text books in modern Mongolian
language. The project followed a request to the foundation by Mr.
Tsanjid, the education minister of Mongolia (2000-2004), following by
the foundation's trustee Mr Phuntsog Wangyal signing an agreement of
cooperation for the purpose with the Mongolia Ministry of Education.

The Dalai Lama, upon being apprised of it, recommended Professor
Jedrung Tenzin, one of the best known Tibetan scholars with the
experience of working with students and compiling such textbooks, to
advise and help with the project. Mr Wangyal and Professor Jedrung
visited Mongolia eight times and four times, respectively, and spent
months working with Mongolian scholars and experts on the textbooks.

After the draft in Mongolian with a Tibetan translation was
completed, a team of Mongolian authors and scholars led by the then
deputy education minister Professor Tumur Ochir visited India for a
thorough revision of the draft with other Tibetan scholars.

The project was jointly undertaken by the Mongolian ministry of
education with Professor Tumur Ochir as the head of the project and
the Tibet Foundation with Phuntsog Wangyal as chief coordinator of
financing the project.

The Wisdom Textbooks consists of three volumes: Volume I, Mongolian
traditional ethics, designed for classes 1 to 5; Volume II,
Understanding mind for a healthy living, designed for classes 6 to 9,
and Volume III, Foundation of Buddhist wisdom, designed for classes 10 and 12.

In 2008, Copies were distributed to some 650 schools throughout
Mongolia where they are used as teaching material in Social Science
and Civic subjects.

Further projects include a teacher training programme during the
summer vacation and a teacher's handbooks (manual) which was in
progress and nearing completion.
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