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China detains hundreds of Tibetans in Lhasa under "Strike Hard Campaign"

March 7, 2010

Press Release
March 5, 2010

China detains hundreds of Tibetans in Lhasa under "Strike Hard Campaign"

With the launch of? ?Strike Hard? Campaign in the
"Tibet Autonomous Region" ("TAR") from 2nd
?March, the Chinese security forces had detained
nearly 500 Tibetans alone from Lhasa city alone,
according to reports given in the state run web portal.

According to the official report dated 4 March
2010 given in the state run web portal, "during the campaign, the
Lhasa City Public Security Bureau Police Brigade
(Ch: Lasa Gong An Ju Xing Jing Zhi Dui) raided a
total of 4,115 rented accommodations, thoroughly
checked 60 high prone areas where crime is
concentrated, gathering areas for floating
population, places with complex social order and
iniquity, ?carried out comprehensive checks on a
total of 7,347 non-permanent residents of the
city, raided more than 70 guest houses, internet
cafes, entertainment centre and bars; and
detained a total of ?435 people. Of these 7 were
arrested on theft and burglary, 3 persons on
stealing motor bikes, 1 person for duping, 3
others suspected burglary accomplices.? There is
no detail information or reasons were given on
the remaining people who were arbitrarily
detained during the ?strike hard? campaign launched since 2 March 2010.

The same web news portal dated 5 March carried a
report on the ?Strike Hard? campaign stating,
"the Lhasa City PSB headquarters had mobilized
1,134 of its personnel and more than other 300
security forces raiding in total 2,787 rented
accommodations; 21 ?high prone areas; 71 Karaoke
bars, guest houses, internet cafes, bars;
confiscated 12 knives and 6 banned publications
and detained 49 suspects without ?three no? (Ch:
San Wu)? The latter refers to Identity card,
household registration card (Ch: Hukou) and
Temporary stay permit (Ch: Zian Zhu Zheng). The
report also said that a nun was detained but no detail was given.

According to our sources, in the past few days
the movement of monks from three major
monasteries in and around Lhasa city: Drepung,
Gaden and Sera were restricted for indefinite
period, however, the monasteries? staffs dealing
with food supplies to these monasteries were
known to have been issued special permit by the
authorities for their daily duties. ???

To spur up further restriction and crackdown on
potential dissent "ahead of sensitive
anniversary, Lhasa Neighborhood Committee under
the Lhasa Metropolitan area had formed a new
?security escort staff ? in each and every
sub-districts since 1 March. This new body will
work in conjunction with the local public
security officials. The primary objective of this
new body was cited as ?to maintain social order,
thorough inspection and tracking down of
suspects, and detaining those without ?three no?
viz. Identity card, household registration card
(Ch: Hukou) and Temporary stay permit and prompt
reporting of such cases to the local police
station. The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and
Democracy (TCHRD) believe that this new
requirement signals authorities? attempt to
target and stranglehold those Tibetans from
outside ?TAR? who are on visit to the holy city
for pilgrimage or engaged in businesses as many
of those Tibetans were known to be actively
involved in the Spring 2008 protests in Lhasa.

TCHRD condemns this campaign in strongest terms
and calls the government of the People?s Republic
of China to immediately end this infamous
campaign which under the guise of fighting crimes
and upholding stability violates and abuses many
fundamental human rights of the Tibetan people
through arbitrary arrest, detention,
interrogation, restriction on the free movement
of people. TCHRD believes that the Chinese
authorities are using this campaign as
double-edged sword to fight crimes and uphold
stability as stated objective but at the same
time it is using this campaign to silence,
intimidate and stifle political dissent ahead of sensitive anniversary.
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