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China on propaganda journalism drive in Tibet

March 7, 2010

Tibetan Review
March 5, 2010

A group of 15 journalists from China and other
foreign countries began on Mar 2 a tour of Tibet
Autonomous Region (TAR) as part of China’s
propaganda effort on the region’s progress and
development since 1959. In order to ensure
positive coverage, the State Council Information
Office, organizer of the tour, have carefully
selected the reporters from ten domestic and overseas media organizations.

China’s official Xinhuanet news service Mar 3
said the reporters included those from the Nippon
Hoso Kyokai (NHK), the Associated Press
Television News (APTN), the Associated Press of
Pakistan (APP) and the Hongkong Asia Television Limited (ATV).

The report said the journalists would interview
local residents, visit monasteries and wetlands
in Lhasa and Nyingchi (Tibetan: Nyingtri)
Prefecture. “They will also cover the great
social and economic changes that have taken place
in Tibet in the past decades," the report said.

And the journalists seem to have faithfully begun
playing their part. The report cited Hu Dawei
from APTN as being full of praise for Lhasa’s
development over the past 12 years and for its
"becoming increasingly modern." And China’s
online Tibet news service Mar 3
cited Huang Weixiong, a reporter of Macao Daily
News, as saying he was shocked by the devout
Tibetan Buddhism believers in Jokhang Temple.

In February 2010, the State Council Information
Office and the Foreign Ministry jointly organized
a similar group of journalists from China and
other countries to cover the social and economic
development of Tibet since the Democratic Reform
in 1959, according to a Feb 16 Xinhuanet report.
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