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Nearly 500 Tibetans detained under "Strike Hard Campaign" in Lhasa

March 7, 2010

By Kalsang Rinchen
March 6, 2010

Dharamsala, March 6 -- The Tibetan Centre for
Human Rights and Democracy based here said it
condemns in strongest terms the "Strike Hard
Campaign" launched by China on March 2, and
called on the government of the People’s Republic
of China to immediately end the “infamous
campaign” which it accused of violating and
abusing fundamental human rights of the Tibetan
people through arbitrary arrest, detention,
interrogation, restriction on the free movement
of people under the guise of “maintaining social stability.”

China has put nearly 500 Tibetans behind bars in
Lhasa, the capital of the restive Himalayan
region,that saw one of the deadliest protests
against the Chinese government in 2008.

Under the newly launched "Strike Hard" campaign
4115 rented accommodations were raided, 60 "high
prone" areas were checked, and 7,347
non-permanent residents of the city were frisked
and questioned, according to a state -- run website

More than 70 guesthouses, internet cafes,
entertainment centre and bars also came under the
scanner of the Lhasa City Public Security Bureau Police Brigade.

The same website in a report dated 5 March said
the Lhasa City PSB headquarters had mobilized
1,134 of its personnel and 300 others in the
operation that amongst others banned 6
publications and detained 49 suspects without
identity cards and papers. A nun was reportedly
detained but no detail information was given.

The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy
said that the authorities seemed to have put a
hold on the movement of monks from the three
monastic universities of Sera, Drepung, and Gaden
due to fear of protests by them with only four
days for the March Ten uprising day. However,
special permit have been reportedly issued for
monastic administrative staff dealing with food supplies.

Ahead of the sensitive anniversary of the 1959
March 10 uprising day, a special body called
"Lhasa Neighborhood Committee-- had been formed
to assist "security escort staff" in each and
every sub-districts since 1 March "to maintain social order."
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