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Unconquerable Tibetan Voices Against Repression in Tibet: Report

March 21, 2010

March 18 2010 - UTC

Dharamshala: Reports of peaceful protests by Tibetans in different parts of
Tibet continue to surface as the Chinese government stepped up its crackdown
prominently in the capital Lhasa and other Tibetan inhabited areas at the
onset of this month.

According to reliable information received by the Central Tibetan
Administration, innocent former Tibetan political prisoners, Tibetans
suspected for political activities and those who are not permanent residents
of Lhasa city, are being subjected to intensive interrogation and
arbitrarily arrested during the crackdown by armed police and special Public
Security Bureau personnel.

Those arrested were severely beaten up and sent into police custody at
Peding village in Tsel Gungthang township under the jurisdiction of Lhasa
city. Moreover, all the detainees were forced to put up in a single
detention room and they are kept without food.

Some of the detainees are known to be released and handed over to their
families. Few others are still are under detention.

Around ten security check points have been installed between Lhasa and
Gongkar Airport, and people travelling on this route are thoroughly

Peaceful protests in other Tibetan areas

In another incident Tibetans gathered in large numbers around Onpo monastery
in Dzachukha on 1 March and they raised peaceful slogans after burning
pelts. Burning of animal skins throughout Tibet and, particularly in Amdo
Province, started in 2006 after the advice of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to
abstain from wearing unnecessary heavy jewels and shun using endangered
species product.

On the 51st Tibetan National Uprising Day on 10 March, residents of
Tsangshoe township in Markham County staged peaceful demonstration.

There was report of peaceful protest by a Tibetan nun and one youth in Karze
County on the same day.

In Ngapa Prefecture in Tibet's Amdo Province, police arrested a group of
Tibetans as they were prostrating towards Kirti monastery on 10 March.

Students lead peaceful protests in Kanlho

After a peaceful demonstration led by a group of 15 students from a high
school in Machu County in Tibet's Amdo Province on 15 March, a large number
military personnel were deployed to tighten control in the region.

Tibetan voices against repression continue unabated

The Chinese government has deployed large contingent of army personnel in
different parts of Tibet as if in a state of war. But Tibetans living inside
continue to stage peaceful campaigns through different ways which reaffirm
their incomparable courage.

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