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Tests to determine Tibet tour guides' eligibility

March 21, 2010 - March 20, 2010

All Tibetans desiring to work as tourist guides in the Tibet Autonomous
Region are required to own national or regional certifications and, in
addition, an employee's card issued by the TAR tourism department after
passing the examination conducted by the TAR Tourism Training Center,
reported China's online Tibet new service Mar 18. The
examination, of course, includes a test in the understanding of the Chinese
view of Tibet's history.

The report said the new rule was aimed at promoting the quality of tourism
services and improving the level of tourist guides in the region. In the
past, Tibetan guides who had studied in Tibetan schools in exile had been
rendered ineligible because of Chinese suspicion about their commitment to
the Chinese government's cause.

The tourism industry of the region is dominated by Chinese tour companies
and guides. Improving the conditions in Tibet to make it hospitable to
Chinese immigrants has been a major focus of the Chinese government,
especially after the Mar'08 protests when a special task force for the
purpose was set up by the regional government. Under the new rule, travel
agencies are required to offer contracts to tour guides to ensure their
medical care insurance, endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, and
house accumulation fund.
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