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Students hold vigil, pray on Tibet uprising day

March 30, 2010, Mar28, 2010

Around a hundred students of Bido monastery, founded in 1985 by the 10th
Panchen Lama in Qinghai province, held a vigil on Mar 10, the 51st
anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising Day, reported Oslo-based Voice
of Tibet Mar 25. The main purpose was to mourn for the victims of China's
brutal crackdown on peaceful Tibetans protests in Mar'08. They lit held a
thousand butter lamps and held prayers for the Tibetan victims of the
Chinese crackdown in the past two years

Although no arrests had been reported thus far, police were reported to be
looking for student leaders who had initiated the vigil.

The situation in the area - it was not mentioned which area in terms of
county or prefecture - was reported to be tense with the Chinese security
forces having placed severe restrictions on the movement of people.

In Mar'08, students of this school had sung a song called "Tsenpoi Phonya"
(king's messenger) to express support for the protests that were taking
placed across much of the Tibetan Plateau at that time. The authorities shut
down the school for eight day.
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