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China's violent response to Peaceful Rally in Tibet condemned

March 14, 2008

13 March 2008

Washington, DC: US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi strongly condemned in
response to reports that Chinese armed forces have arrested, detained
and fired tear gas on hundreds of Tibetan Buddhist monks, who held
peaceful rallies near Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, on the occasion of
49th Tibetan National Uprising Day.

In a statement issued on 12 March 2008, the speaker termed the violent
approach of the Chinese police forces as 'disgraceful'.

The speaker called on the United States government and the
international community to strongly condemn the violent act of Chinese

Ms Pelosi expressed concern over the reports of sightings of armoured
vehicles of People's Liberation Army heading towards Drepung monastery
and hearing of gunshots and beatings from inside the monastery.

She demanded that the Chinese government should immediately provide
information on the welfare and whereabouts of the detained Buddhist
monks and facilitate access by international human rights monitors and
journalists to Tibetan areas.

She stated: "The plight of the people of Tibet is a challenge to the
conscience of the world and the United States must be prepared to
confront the Chinese government when they violate the human rights of
Tibetan people."

The annual report on human rights situation released by the US State
Department stated "the human rights situation in China and Tibet
continues to worsen and the repression of religious freedom has
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