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China silent on India's handling of Tibetan protesters

March 14, 2008

Times of India
14 Mar 2008

BEIJING: The Chinese foreign ministry has refused to express its view
on India's handling of Tibetan protesters, who have been trying to
march from Dharmashala to Tibet since Monday. This is significant
because the ministry has been severe in its criticism of the Tibetan
protesters and the Dalai Lama for his speech at the start of the march
on Monday.

"We hope that India will proceed from the overall interest of our
bilateral relations and honour its commitment," Chinese Foreign
Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said here on Thursday. "Indian officials
have said that India will never support the Dalai group" he said.

Qin did not answer a pointed question on whether China was satisfied
by India's action in stopping the marchers from leaving Dharmashala in
order to fulfil their mission of reaching Tibet. Chinese officials
hardly miss an opportunity to remind their Indian counterparts about
the need to suppress any anti-China activities on Indian soil

Beijing has so far been reluctant to acknowledge that India with its
democratic traditions would normally find it difficult to curb any
kind of peaceful protest and that it has gone an extra mile for the
sake of good neighbourly relationship, sources in New Delhi said.

Qin said some Tibetans living in India were trying to cross the border
to China. "We are resolutely opposed their separatist activities" he
said. The Dalai Lama group was trying to split China and "ruin the
ethnic solidarity" in Tibet, he said. "We are resolutely opposed to

Tibetans living in India would be allowed to return to their original
home only if they accept that Tibet is part of China and "admit
themselves" to be Chinese.

He said the situation in Lasha, which saw 300 protesting monks
arrested two days back, has now stabilised.

"Thanks to the efforts of the local government and the democratic
administration of the temple, the situation in Lhasa has been
stabilized", Qin said.

The foreign ministry official blamed the Dalai Lama for the
disturbances caused by monks in Tibet in the past few days.

"A few monks in Lhasa city have made some disturbances for a couple of
days and were trying to sow some unrest. This is a political scheme of
the Dalai group", he said. He blamed the group for running the
"normal, harmonious and peaceful life of Tibetan people".
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