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At least 12 monks injured during Tibet protest in Nepal

March 15, 2008

KATMANDU, Nepal, March 14 (AP) - Police scuffled Friday with about
1,000 protesters, including dozens of Buddhist monks, during a rally
in Katmandu in support of demonstrators in Tibet. About 12 monks were

The protest began as a candlelight rally at a prominent Buddhist
shrine. It quickly became an angry march, as protesters tried to make
their way Friday evening to the Chinese embassy. Police scuffled with
the protesters to stop them from marching.

"Today we are demonstrating to support our people in Tibet," said
Gampa Lama, a monk from Nepal's community of Tibetan exiles. "We are
urging the Chinese government for a peaceful resolution."

A police official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was
not authorized to speak to the media, said about a dozen monks were
injured, none seriously.

Nepal's mountainous border with China is a key route for Tibetans
fleeing Chinese rule. Most of those refugees eventually move to India,
where Tibet's government-in-exile and spiritual leader the Dalai Lama
are based.

The Katmandu demonstration came as protests by Buddhist monks in Tibet
flared into violence, with shops and vehicles burned and gunshots
fired in the streets of the Tibetan capital, Lhasa. A radio report
said two people had been killed in what have become the largest
demonstrations in nearly two decades against Beijing's nearly 60-year
rule over Tibet.
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