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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."

Latest developments in Tibet

March 16, 2008

March 15 (Reuters) - Here are the latest developments in Tibet on Saturday.


* Ten people "burnt to death" in Friday's rioting in regional capital
Lhasa, Xinhua news agency says.

* Xinhua news agency says more than 580 people, including three Japanese
tourists, were "rescued" by Chinese armed police from banks,
supermarkets, schools and hospitals that were set alight.

* Authorities demand surrender of "mob" involved in riot. If
"lawbreakers" give themselves up by Monday midnight they will be shown
"leniency", Xinhua news agency reports.

* Residents of Lhasa stay in homes and close shops on Saturday morning.
Xinhua says city is "calm".

* China says Dalai Lama engineered the protests. He denies the claim.


"If there is blood today (Saturday) it will be ours." - Lhasa resident.

"We will handle this according to the law." - Tibet's top government
official Qiangba Pingcuo.

"It was organised and premeditated splittist and sabotage activity." -
Kang Jinzhong, political commissar of the paramilitary People's Armed
Police in Tibet.

"The high commissioner urges the government of China to allow
demonstrators to exercise their right to freedom of expression and
assembly, to refrain from any excessive use of force while maintaining
order and to ensure that those arrested are not ill treated," U.N. High
Commissioner for Human Rights statement.

"I've not been pro-boycott (on the Olympics), but I think if this is not
handled correctly, yes we should boycott. Everyone should boycott,"
Richard Gere, Hollywood actor and Tibetan activist.
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