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Canada warns citizens to avoid Tibet

March 16, 2008

OTTOWA (AFP) — Canada called on its citizens Friday to avoid all
non-essential travel to Tibet, where riots have broken out in the
capital Lhasa following an anti-Chinese protest.

In a statement on its website, the foreign ministry cited reports of
rioting and said some embassies in Beijing had "received first-hand
reports from foreign nationals in the city who report gunfire and other
indications of violence."

"Canadian citizens in Lhasa should seek safe havens in hotels and other
buildings and remain indoors to the extent possible. All care should be
taken to avoid unnecessary movement within the city until the situation
is under control," it said.

"Canadians who were planning on travel to Tibet are advised to defer
non-essential travel at this time."

Foreign Minister Maxime Bernier on Thursday expressed "serious concerns"
about the situation in Tibet, urging China to "respect the right of
Tibetans to peaceful protests and to take steps to improve the human
rights situation in Tibet."

Lhasa erupted in deadly violence Friday as security forces used gunfire
to quell the biggest protests against Chinese rule in two decades,
officials and rights groups said.
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