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Wounded Lhasa residents recall horror after riot instigated by Dalai clique

March 17, 2008

[Xinhua is the official new agency of the People's Republic of China]

     LHASA, March 16 (Xinhua) -- Dramatic violence fanned by separatists
lacerated Lhasa over the weekend. As the city calms, people who survived
the riot are in slow recovery from the cruelty that some say they had
never seen their whole lives.

     In one Lhasa hospital, the wounded were telling horror stories
about what they went through.

     The anger in Qoizhoin flared up when the 63-year-old recalled her
injuries, her head wrapped in bandages. "I was heading home with my
family in our car around 7 p.m. on Friday. A mob started to throw stones
and rubble at us," she said.

     "I was holding my grandson, and luckily the rubble didn't get him.
I saw the mobs hit at everyone along their path. They seemed inhumane,"
the Tibetan said.

     Another victim, Wang Qian, was working at a China Mobile outlet on
Bargor Street. The 20-year-old was also wounded in the head. "When the
riot heated up on Friday afternoon, we rolled down the grill and locked
up the shop. But they used iron bars and prized open the doors. Almost
everything in the store was smashed into pieces."

     In ward after ward, the injured, all of the Han, Hui and Tibetan
ethnicities, were suffering. Doctors said a 15-year-old Tibetan boy was
in a coma.

     Zhang Hong, from the southwest Sichuan Province, said he was
returning home when three men blocked his way. "I tried to escape, but
they came up on me and axed me in the back," he said.

     Zhao Jimin, a migrant worker, who suffered liver damage and
multiple lacerations, said: "I just got off a bus at the Lhasa bridge
station, and before I knew anything, an attacker came and lunged at me."

     In Friday's riot, at least 10 civilians died, mostly from burns
caused by the roving mobs and some others were injured, the Tibet
Autonomous Region government said. Lhasa police said they saved more
than 580 people, including three Japanese tourists and a whole school of
teachers and students, from the violent array of sabotage.

     The Tibet Autonomous Region government said on Friday there was
enough evidence to prove the sabotage in Lhasa was "organized,
premeditated and masterminded" by the Dalai clique.

     The 11th Panchen Lama Gyaincain Norbu joined with other religious
leaders and locals in condemning the violence.
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