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China says Tibet unrest to have no impact on Beijing Olympics or torch relay

March 17, 2008

The Canadian Press
March 16, 2008

BEIJING — Organizers say the past week's political unrest in Tibet will
not negatively impact the Beijing Olympic Games or torch relay.

Sun Weide, a spokesman for the organizing committee BOCOG, says
preparations to carry the Olympic torch across Mount Everest and Tibet
have been proceeding very smoothly and according to schedule.

Sun acknowledges that pro-Tibet groups have used the August 8-24
Olympics to publicize their push for independence, but says they
represent only a tiny minority of global opinion.

China plans for the Olympic torch to be carried to the top of Mount
Everest, and has closed its side of the mountain to climbers in a bid to
prevent activists from disrupting the relay.

The mountain is in the border region between Nepal and Tibet.

A fresh wave of protests by Buddhist monks in Tibet have turned violent,
with shops and
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