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Czech Republic's Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg Press Release

March 17, 2008

[This is an unofficial translation of the press release by Sandra Pikorova]

"It is with deep concern we are observing the news about the current
development of the situation in Tibet, which has claimed many lives and
caused many injuries. We denounce the violence against those who want to
freely express their opinion. "Solution through force only leads to
further setbacks of the situation and we therefore call for the
uttermost restraint," said the Czech Republic's Foreign Minister Karel

We are convinced that one part of the solution is free access to
objective information about what is happening in Tibet. It is therefore
a crucial step to release the flow of information from Tibet and to
allow access to representatives of independent media into the area.
According to our opinion, this is not only in the interest of the
international public, but also of the People's Republic of China and
Tibetans themselves.

The government of the Czech Republic and the Czech public traditionally
place a high emphasis on the protection of human rights, essential human
freedoms, and the preservation of cultural and religious heritages
worldwide, including Tibet. "These are universal values and thus
impossible to resign them in Prague, or in Lhasa, and especially not
during the year of holding the Olympic Games in Beijing," added the
Czech Republic's Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg."

March 16th, 2008 13:15
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