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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."

Czech Foreign Ministry, Greens condemn violence in Tibet

March 17, 2008

Czech News
March 16, 2008

Prague- The Czech Foreign Ministry has officially condemned the violence
in Tibet and the junior ruling Greens (SZ) leadership today protested
against it in a letter to the Chinese ambassador to Prague, saying that
"the Tibetans' protests express their natural will to freedom."

Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg condemned in his statement
the violence committed "on peaceful and unarmed demonstrators who only
want to express their opinion freely."

"A solution by force will only further worsen the situation, and this is
why we call for utmost restraint," Schwarzenberg wrote in a statement on
Saturday evening.

"We condemn the violence committed on demonstrators who came to express
their opinion, and we demand that it [violence] immediately cease. We
demand that the preventively detained persons be released and not be
exposed to undignified treatment and torture," the Greens write in their
letter to the Chinese ambassador.

They also call on the Chinese government to enable the independent media
to have free access to unbiased information about the events in Tibet.

The Foreign Ministry's communique also says the Czech Republic and the
Czech public traditionally put a great emphasis on the protection of
human rights, fundamental freedoms and the protection of cultural and
religious heritage all over the world, including in Tibet.

"Those are our universal values to which no one can resign either in
Prague or in Lhasa, and definitely not in the year when the Olympic
Games will take place in Beijing," Schwarzenberg wrote.

He also demanded that information on the events in Tibet be freely
released and representatives of independent media be allowed to enter
the area.

The spokesman for the Tibetan exile government announced today that
Friday's unrest in Lhasa claimed 80 lives and another 72 people were
allegedly injured. The official Chinese sources speak about 10 victims.
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