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UNPO Statement of Solidarity

March 18, 2008

The Hague, 17 March 2008 – The Presidency of the Unrepresented Nations
and Peoples Organization (UNPO), led by President Mr Ledum Mitee,
expresses its solidarity on behalf of all UNPO Members with the people
of Tibet in this period of extreme tension and reiterates its support
for their decades-long nonviolent campaign against Chinese suppression.

UNPO condemns the draconian Chinese response that has led to substantial
loss of life and countless detentions and beatings, and calls upon the
Chinese authorities at all levels to enter into a constructive dialogue
designed to end the violence and promote a return to peace within Tibet
as soon as possible.

UNPO urges the international community to demonstrate its commitment to
human rights by responding to the crisis in Tibet with an international
investigation into the events that have led to such violence within Tibet.

Speaking on recent developments, UNPO General Secretary Mr Marino
Busdachin stated that “The entire world today must support the Tibetan
peoples’ aspirations and His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s request for an
international investigation into the criminal acts perpetrated.  There
must be respect for human, civil, and political rights in Tibet as in
China.  Free Tibet means free China.”
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