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Dharamshala keeps an eye on Tibet

March 18, 2008

Nidhi Razdan
Monday, March 17, 2008 (Dharamshala)

In Dharamsala, the Tibetan community is keeping a close watch on the
developments in Tibet through phones and photographs sent via email and
with every phone line that goes dead in Tibet, tension grows.

Dramatic sounds of protests in Tibet's Amdo Province are heard only
through cellphones. Jimba, whose younger brother lives in Tibet, made a
call to him and thus he could hear protestor in Tibet shouting slogans.

The protestors, Jimba said, were shouting anti-China slogans and
praising the Dalai Lama. According to reports, there has been a total
clampdown in Lhasa but protests have spread to other provinces.

Like Jimba, people in Dharamsala are getting information through phones.
But many phone lines have also been cut-off especially in Lhasa.

''I am worried about my family. There are processions all over Tibet,
like in Amdo. I haven't seen my family since I fled in 1999, but I am
proud of them for standing up to the Chinese,'' said Jimba.

At the office of the Tibetan youth congress, there is a flood of photos
secretly sent by email. Many of them were latest images taken on mobile
phone cameras.

''Phone and email are the main sources of information for people here.
So many people have family and friends back in Tibet,'' said Dhondup
Dorjee, Vice President, Tibetan youth congress.

All the latest photos of Tibet sent secretly in lhasa are put up as
posters on a wall of Dalai Lama's temple.

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