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November 9, 2011

7 November 2011

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Dharamsala - Activists with Students for a Free Tibet are planning rallies and actions in several cities, including Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Calcutta and Dharamsala, to protest the controversial decision by Censor Board of India to remove the Tibetan flag and 'Free Tibet' banners from the film Rockstar, which comes to theaters this Friday. In a shocking move by the Censor Board, director Imtiaz Ali was told to either delete or blur the visual of the flag.

At Mcleod Ganj, Students for a Free Tibet-India unfurled a 9x6 feet-long banner reading "Don't Censor Tibet" and "Free Tibet. Sadda Haq" on an image from the movie's widely acclaimed song "Sadda Haq". People joined the action carrying flags and posters.

"It is extremely disturbing that such a grotesque violation of free speech is occurring in the world's largest democracy," said Dorjee Tseten, National Director of Students for a Free Tibet India. "By caving in to Chinese pressure, the Censor Board is allowing China to threaten the freedom and liberties that Indians enjoy.

"Tibetans are dying for freedom. In the last eight months, eleven Tibetans in Tibet have set themselves on fire in protest of Chinese rule," said Dorjee Tseten. "At this critical time - when Tibetans are suffering so desperately under Chinese repression - one would expect India to be promoting and protecting the Tibetan people's basic human rights, not censuring their struggle in a free country simply because China demands it be done."

Students for a Free Tibet is demanding that the Censor Board reverse its decision before the release of the film and Dorjee Tseten will be seeking a meeting with the Chief Executive Officer, Pankaja Thakur, this week.

Students for a Free Tibet, India (SFT India) is the India National Network of Students for a Free Tibet International, which has over 650 chapters in more than 35 countries, and is a non-profit organization funded entirely by donations from members and supporters.

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