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Rockstar not allowed to take a stand on Tibet

November 9, 2011 
One might think that Imtiaz Ali's film Rockstar about a small-town boy's journey from anonymity to superstardom would successfully sail through the doors of the censor board as well. But that is not the case.

This week, the board after watching the much-awaited film that hits the theatre next week, asked the makers to delete certain sections of the audio-visual. And it was only after Ali and the producers agreed to make the required deletions, that the board passed the film with a UA certificate .

According to sources, the changes ordered by the censor board included the muting of the words 'sex' and 'bastard' in the soundtrack - words that commonly occur in Bollywood films and would've been allowed if the Rockstar team had agreed to an 'A' certificate.

A Hindi expletive mouthed often by Ranbir’s character in the film has also been muted.

While objectionable words being muted is a common censor board norm, in Rockstar, the filmmakers have been asked to do away with any reference to the Tibetan freedom from Chinese dominion. Apparently Imtiaz Ali has been asked to do away with a flag in the film that reads 'Free Tibet'.

According to a source, Rockstar has been given two options regarding the flag - either they can delete or blur the visual of the flag.

"There aren't too many Bollywood films that would dare to take a stand on a sensitive political issue like Tibet. Rockstar does. The censor board has asked for its removal," says a source.

The CEO of the censor board Pankaja Thakur confirmed the alterations in the film.

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