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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."

View from the Third World

March 19, 2008

March 17, 2008
Tibet , China - The moral question

The culture of violence growing worldwide and in countries like China it
is being legally enforced by the Government on its own citizens and
other countries which it has occupiecd like Tibet destroying a culture.

This is a moral issue and deserves our attention.


For over 50 years Tibetans have been the only group who have been
fighting for their rights non-violently against Chinese invasion and
occupation. Tibetans have not used guerrilla warfare which occupied
people use. If they aren't supported by the non-Chinese people worldwide
and by Chinese people inside China, then we have to ask ourselves if as
individuals we are supporters of violence though we claim to be against

Non-violence is the only human trait that can be used to debate or
discuss a problem. Violence is not the answer to problems. The Chinese
govt. has been using violence on its own people like in Tiannamen square
and on the occupied people of Tibet. If the right to non-violent protest
is denied and those people who protest are shot dead, the question each
of us have to ask ourselves is - Are we moral ?

If we are moral, how can we support the Chinese govt. which has ruled
not only China but also Tibet and IMAR regions by sheer brute force ?

To demystify the issue - the Chinese Govt. is a bunch of dictators who
have formed a party and forced their rule down Chinese people's throats
and on Tibetans and Mongolians for over 50 years. The Communist Chinese
govt. is no different from Hitler's Nazis or the Afghanistan's Taliban

If they are not different, then how can our countries trade or engage
with such a regime which oppresses its own people and occupies other

If the Chinese Govt. is indeed not doing anything wrong, then why has it
not allowed any media except their official govt. mouthpiece into Tibet
or TAR?

If the Chinese Govt. is truly not responsible for slaughter of more than
100 people, then why has it asked all foreigners to leave?

If the Chinese govt. is innocent and is being wrongfully targetted by
the Dalai Lama, then why give non-violent protestors a curfew?

Why is Chinese govt. so scared of peaceful protestors ?

This is because the Commmunist Chinese Govt. knows the stakes - Its
"happy" mask will fall if it doesn't control the protestors as it is
scared the protests might spread to all parts of China, resulting in
loss of power.

Most governments are curbing Tibetans protesting against China in their
countries because of some business or political lobbying.

Strategic affairs and business interests apart, the issue boils to just
one moral value - Do you think violence is the answer to a problem?

Why are all those who unaniomously condemened the US invasion of Iraq or
Iraq's invasion of Kuwait not saying anything about Chinese occupation
of Tibet or its violent curbing of peaceful protestors?

If one wishes to see an Al-Qaeda government - you don't have to look too
far - just look at the Chinese government. The Chinese President is
Osama Bin Laden without the turban and the beard.

The Chinese Government is the equivalent of the Taliban government under
Afghanistan or occupied Europe under Hitler, except the Communist
Chinese govt. are atheists while the Taliban and Nazis were theists.
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