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URGENT ACTION CAMPAIGN from the Tibetan Parliament in Exile

March 19, 2008

Dharamsala, March 18, 2008 (TPiE) - China's ongoing brutal crackdown on
the unprecedented non-violent demonstrations across the whole of Tibet
since the 10th of March 2008 to mark the 49th Anniversary of the Tibetan
National Uprising Day resulted in 80 confirmed and over 100 unconfirmed
deaths as of the date of this letter for exercising their fundamental
right to expression and assembly. Despite random killings, grievous
injuries and arrests of thousands of peaceful demonstrators, fresh
incidents of people's movement are still being widely reported which is
evident of deep rooted resentment of the people of Tibet towards China's
repressive policies.

The deteriorating situation in Tibet continues with media blackout and
blockage of major means of communication with the outside world. This
will result in further isolation of the Tibetans and the world will
remain unaware of the ongoing brutal and inhuman suppression which is
expected to worsen in the days to come. We have news that the Tibetan
Higher People's Court of China has issued a notice on 15 March 2008
demanding the surrender of the peaceful demonstrators by the night of 17
March 2008.

The recent events have caused the Tibetan people much anguish. The
Tibetan Parliament in Exile is extremely concerned over the safety and
security of the Tibetans in Tibet in the absence of media and third
party witnesses.

All members of the Tibetan Parliament in exile are on an unprecedented
day hunger strike on 19 March 2008 in order to urgently appeal to the
world governments, international bodies and the world community to
undertake the following to redress the crisis in Tibet:

    1. Support immediate dispatch of a fact-finding representative(s) to
monitor the situation inside Tibet.
    2. Intervene to stop further bloodbath in Tibet and demand immediate
release of all those arrested.
    3. Urge the Chinese leadership to lift the ban on media and allow
free movement of press in Tibet.
    4. Ensure immediate and adequate medical relief to injured innocent
civilians peacefully demonstrating in Tibet.

Issued by:

The Tibetan Parliament in Exile
Gangchen Kyishong
District Kangra, HP INDIA
Phone: +91 1892 222481  Fax: +91 1892 224593
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