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Bomb attack on police in Tibet as China issues wanted list of 12

March 20, 2008

Jane Macartney, Beijing
TIMES Online
March 19, 2008

A homemade bomb thrown at a paramilitary police vehicle has killed or
injured up to four officers in Lhasa, as Chinese authorities issued a
wanted list of 12 Tibetans, including two monks.

Residents said the attack occurred late yesterday afternoon in an
eastern corner of Tibet's capital city. Police rushed to the scene,
firing teargas to disperse crowds of curious Tibetans, witnesses said.

Schools were ordered to close early and childrensent home. It was
unclear how many police may have been hurt. Residents said four had been
killed but that report could not be confirmed with government officials.

Lhasa Television and Tibet Television this afternoon broadcast for the
first time a list of 12 people, including two monks, wanted in
connection with the deadly anti-Chinese riots last Friday in which mobs
of Tibetans raced through the city streets attacking ethnic Han Chinese
and Hui Muslims and setting fire to shops, businesses and government

Those on the list appeared to be ethnic Tibetans, but no names were
available. The television stations showed pictures — grainy images blown
up from television footage shot of Tibetans taking part in Friday’s
violence. One Tibet media official told The Times: “There were many
other people but these 12 were the ones whose faces could be clearly
seen. Others were at an angle or had their backs to the camera.”

All were young and most were dressed in ordinary clothes and not Tibetan
costume. The list was issued by the Lhasa Public Security Bureau.

One person on the list had already been picked up, the Lhasa official said.

A total of 24 people were placed under formal arrest today after
approval from the Lhasa Procuratorate Office. Sources close to the
Government in Lhasa said that the number of those detained — although
not yet formally arrested — since Saturday had now risen to more than 1,000.

During house-to-house searches of those involved, several people had
resisted arrest. Witnesses described seeing hree Tibetans leap to their
deaths from the windows of their apartment blocks during police raids.
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