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Call for Day Long Fasting against Chinese repression and violence in Tibet

March 21, 2008

New Delhi
Press Statement of India-Tibet Friendship Society
20th March, 2008

This is matter of great distress that the Chinese Government has
launched a campaign of repression in Tibet for last several days and is
blaming the Dalai Lama for it who has been following the Middle path of
dialogue and reconciliation.  The people of India salute the
self-sacrificing Tibetans  who are in quest of freedom since 1959.
Freedom is most essential need of human beings for life with dignity and
the Chinese Government has deprived from it every Tibetan men and women
for the last six decade. Therefore, Tibet has no other alternative
except to put all  of its  resources at stake  to achieve freedom. The
Chinese have  blamed the Buddhist monks  and unarmed Tibetans for
looting of shops and burning of Government buildings and whole Tibet has
been converted into an army prison.

India- Tibet Friendship Society condemns the Chinese brutality and
supports the Tibetan   struggle for freedom.

We demand that :

(1)  The Secretary General of UNO should sent a enquiry commission to
bring out the truth of army repressions of Tibetans and take initiative
for unconditional dialogue between the Dalai Lama and the Chinese
Government;  And

(2)   The Government of India should not be content by expressing grip
about  repression in Tibet but  come forward to invite the Chinese
Government and the Dalai Lama in Delhi for unconditional dialogue.

We call upon the supporters  of freedom  to express their solidarity
with Tibetan and put forward these two demands by organizing Save Tibet
Day on 31st March (Monday)  through day long fasting at district Head
quarter  all over India.

Moreover, the eminent Gandhian of the country has supported India-Tibet
Friendship Society initiative and appeal to the  Chinese Government to
restore peace in Tibet through unconditional dialogue with His Holiness
The Dalai Lama. Among those who signed the petitions are Shri Amar Nath
Bhai (Sarva Seva Sangh), Ms. Radha Bhatt (Chairman, Gandhi Peace
Foundation), Shri Pyare Mohan Tripathi (Chairman, AVARD), Shri Anupam
Mishra (Editor, Gandhi Marg and eminent environmentalist) and Shri Ram
Chandra Rahi ( Secretary, Gandhi Smarak Nidhi, Rajghat).

Similiarly the eminent intellectuals, writer and poet of the country has
expressed their support with Tibetan diasporas and signed a petition ask
Chinese Government to stop the violence in Tibet and start unconditional
dialogue with His Holiness The Dalai Lama. Among those eminent who
signed the petition are Shri Ashok Vajpayee (poet), Shri Kailash
Vajpayee(poet), Smt. Gagan Gill (poet), Prof Krishnanath(writer), Smt
Mridula Garg(Writer), Smt Gitanjali Shree(poet), Shri Raji Seth(writer),
Dr. Kedar Nath Singh (Lieuterate), Shri Kunwar Narayan(poet), Shri Ram
Gopal Bajaj(writer), Shri Giriraj Kishor ( Writer & author of first

Prof. Anand Kumar
      Dr. Manoj Kumar                                 Ven. Thupten Namgyal
Gen. Secretary
       Organising Secretary                           Member, Executive
committe &
        Representative of Tibetan community

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