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Close to 1,000 protest Tibetan violence

March 22, 2008

Ottawa Sun
March 20, 2008

About 1,000 people have now joined a downtown march to protest China's
treatment of Tibet in recent weeks.

Minutes ago, the protesters gathered in front of the United Nations
offices on Albert St., where they delivered a letter denouncing China's
actions and urging the the UN to launch a fact finding mission in Tibet
to uncover the truth behind the recent violence. The protesters are also
calling on the International Olympic Committee to reconsider passing the
Olympic torch through Tibet en route to the Beijing games.

The group is also calling on the Canadian Olympic Committee to encourage
its athletes to boycott the Olympics.

The march is now headed to the Chinese embassy.

The protest began this morning on Parliament Hill.

There, protesters chanted: “Stop the killing in Tibet” and “Shame on
China, the world is watching.” Hundreds waved Tibetan flags in the wind
under the shadow of the Peace Tower.

NDP MP Paul Dewar addressed the crowd, saying he and his party are
asking for the Chinese military to stand down in Tibet, for the United
Nations to investigate the violence that has been occurring and for a
reconciliation process to begin.

Tibetans as well as many Canadians raised their voices to sing the
Tibetan national anthem.

Among those in the crowd were at least 13 busloads of protesters from
Toronto and other areas of the province.

One of the organizers requested that no one in the crowd set fire to
Chinese flags or commit any acts of violence.

There are temporary road closures in the downtown this morning as
protesters make their way to the Chinese embassy.
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