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German group says Buddhist monasteries denied food in Tibet

March 25, 2008

dpa - International News Service in English
March 23, 2008

Berlin (dpa) - Quoting an unidentified person, a German group, the Tibet
Initiative, alleged Sunday that food and water was being denied to
several large Buddhist monasteries during the unrest in Tibet.

"A humanitarian disaster threatens, since the monks are not being
allowed out of the monasteries," said Wolfgang Grader, chairman of the
Berlin-based Initiative, in a statement.

He said the information came from a "person of trust" who had telephone
contact with the region. He had been told food and water was not being
allowed to be transported into the three main central Tibetan
monasteries, Drepung, Ganden and Sera.

Grader added that Tibetans injured in the unrest were being denied
medical treatment, saying the Indian-based "government in exile" had
been told that hospitals and doctors were forbidden to treat Tibetans.

He said the demonstrations had been continuing mainly in eastern Tibet,
whereas in the capital Lhasa there had been large-scale searches of
homes and mass arrests. Thousands of Tibetans had been taken to Chinese
prisons outside Tibet.

His claims could not be checked, as Western journalists have been
excluded from Tibet.

A German newspaper, Bild am Sonntag, reported earlier that Tibetans
living in Germany complained they were under surveillance by Chinese

"Chinese spies from the embassy and consulates intermingle with our
demonstrators. They try to spy on us or break up our meetings," it
quoted Tsewang Norbu of the Association of Tibetans in Germany as saying.

He asserted that telephone conversations between Tibet and Germany were
being tapped by the Chinese security services.
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