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CNN statement on Tibet coverage

March 31, 2008

(CNN) March 29, 2008 -- CNN has been singled out for criticism for our
coverage of events in Tibet through an Web site and
elsewhere. We have provided comprehensive coverage of all sides of this
story, but two specific allegations relate to pro-Tibetan bias. We would
like to take this chance to respond to them:

Allegation 1: CNN intentionally cropped an image in order to remove
Tibetan protesters throwing stones at Chinese trucks.

CNN refutes all allegations by bloggers that it distorts its coverage of
the events in Tibet to portray either side in a more favorable light. We
have consistently and repeatedly shown all sides of this story. The one
image in question was used wholly appropriately in the specific
editorial context and there could be no confusion regarding what it was
showing, not least because it was captioned: "Tibetans throw stones at
army vehicles on a street in the capital Lhasa." The picture gallery
included in Tibet stories includes the image. (See the gallery)

We have also published images showing violence by Tibetans against the
Chinese. A March 18 story shows Tibetan youths attacking a Chinese man.
(Read the story)

Additionally, we have published video from the Chinese media apparently
showing Tibetans attacking Chinese interests in Lhasa. Video(Watch the
video) »

Allegation 2: CNN referred to Tibet as a "country."

CNN's policy is to refer to Tibet as "Tibet Autonomous Region of China."
In our dozens of stories on the topic to date, we are aware of only two
instances where it was incorrectly referenced as a country.

CNN's reputation is based on reporting global news accurately and
impartially, while our coverage through the use of words, images or
video always reflects a wide range of opinions and points of view on
every story.
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