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Obama for US$ 7.4 mln to preserve Tibet culture

February 2, 2010

Press Trust of India (PTI)
February 2, 2010

Washington, Feb 2 (PTI) -- US President Barack
Obama has proposed a USD 7.4 million allocation
in his annual budget for preservation of the
tradition and culture of Tibet in the Tibetan
Autonomous Region and other parts of China.

Proposing the allocation, the Obama
Administration in its annual budget for the year
2011 sent to the Congress said this fund be made
available to non-governmental organisations to
support activities which preserve cultural traditions.

It will be directed towards promoting sustainable
development and environmental conservation in
Tibetan communities in the Tibetan Autonomous
Region and in other Tibetan communities in China.

According to the budget document, the US
President has also instructed Treasury Secretary
to support any funding projects for Tibet at
international financial institutions.
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