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Opinion: GDP versus GNH

February 3, 2010

by Tsoltim N. Shakabpa
WTNN (email)
February 3, 2010

The Bhutanese have it right. The progress of a
nation should be measured by the gross national
happiness ("GNH") of the people, not by its gross national product ("GNP").

The Chinese policy to increase the gross domestic
product ("GDP") of Tibet is aimed at attracting
Han Chinese people to Tibet. It is not aimed at
increasing the gross domestic happiness ("GDH")
of the Tibetan people in Tibet. In fact, it
increases both their poverty and their disdain for China.

How so? The education level of the Tibetan people
under Chinese rule is at best third class, while
those of the Han Chinese in Tibet and those
coming from China to Tibet is much, much higher.
Knowing this, the Chinese government
intentionally strives to invest intemperately in
rural areas in Tibet devoted to heavy industrial
projects, such as roads, railways,
telecommunications and atomic energy, which the
Han Chinese are more equipped to handle than the
Tibetan people, thus encouraging the migration of
Han Chinese into Tibet and increasing their
population in Tibet, as well as their wealth.
Meanwhile, the Tibetan people, whose education
they have intentionally inhibited, are left high and dry.

At the last Fifth Tibet Work Forum in Beijing,
Chinese leaders called for "development with
Chinese characteristics adapted to Tibet's
regional conditions". Instead, they should call
for "development with Tibetan distinctions with
social benefits instead of social restraints".

Unless and until the Chinese authorities
understand that the gross national happiness of
the Tibetan people is more important than the
gross national product of Tibet, there will
continue to be social unrest in Tibet and the
Dalai Lama will never enter into an agreement to
live under the sovereignty of China, be it even
as an autonomous region of China.

China! China!
Do not let us regret
Judge progress in Tibet
By the gross domestic happiness of the Tibetan people
Not by a gross domestic product which makes the people feeble

If the people are not happy
The people will become crappy
And they will violently revolt
Until your opinions you molt
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