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Opinion: No Hiding Place For Failed Tibetan Strategy

February 3, 2010

Will Exiled Tibetan PM Promote Further Compromise With China?
Tibet Truth
February 1, 2010

Communist China has again (February 1) formally
rejected any notion of improved autonomy for
Tbetans, it has also dismissed extending such
freedoms to the three traditional regions of
Tibet (Amdo, Kham and U-Tsang) so-called Greater
Tibet, which the Dalai Lama rightly insists
compromises Tibetan territory. Thus, as known for
many years, Beijing’s focus is entirely upon the
so-called Tibet Autonomous Region (a truncated
area carved from Tibet following China’s
annexation of the country). Even within that area
the prospect of genuine political, religious and
social freedom is unlikely in the extreme.

What now for Samdhong Rinpoche and other
advocates for negotiations and compromise with
China? The choices are stark indeed, abandon Amdo
and Kham and further talks are possible,
providing of course that Tibet’s political leader
also conforms to additional demands not to engage
in any activity which Beijing considers against
the interests of China. Such an action would
cruelly betray the Tibetan people, formalise the
partition of historic Tibet, acknowledge that
Amdo and Kham are Chinese territory, and also
result in the extinction of Tibet as an
international issue, with the demise of Tibet’s national identity.

Surely the moment has arrived for the Exiled
Tibetan Administration to jettison its fossilized
and vacuous strategy of appeasing communist
China, to re-instore Tibetan freedom as the
central objective, withdraw from any further
attempts at negotiating, and launch a renewed
international effort to promote and secure
Tibet’s self-determination and
independence.  There is only one course to
follow, the alternatives would submit to slavery
and the consignment of  a distinct Tibetan
identity to the history books, one people, one
nation, one goal-independence for Tibet.

Tibetans inside Tibet and beyond will be looking
to their leadership and praying that the myopia
and political desperation which has driven the
Exiled Tibetan Administration to compromise on
Tibet’s nationhood, will be swiftly replaced by a
unified and resolute policy based upon the goal of national liberation.
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